Who God is

Growing up in a Christian home and in Christian schools I heard just about everything you could hear and learn about God. It’s A LOT of information. And up until about 5 or so years ago, I based everything in my life on those things I learned because I believed them.

God always has been and always will be.

He created the earth and everything in it.

He sent his son, Jesus, who died and rose for us.

Those are pretty much the only 3 things I am 100% sure on anymore. The rest of the things I learned and believed are up in the air for me.

He is our Father. And a few years ago I decided I was going to see the way God views me as I view my children.

He is forgiving.

He is loving.

He is patient.

He is present.

I refuse to attribute negative characteristics toward Him and even more so refuse to use those negative characteristics in raising our children. I used to be so scared that if I said or did one bad thing, God was right there glaring at me. Now? I’m sure he gets disappointed in things I say or do. Do I think He’s constantly glaring at me for them? No. I guess I just feel like He has better things to do like controlling our universe than to worry about “sins” I commit when in actuality, I don’t think they are sins at all.

I can’t really get into everything I think and feel because it’s personal. But I wanted to explain a little more about it because a few weeks ago I mentioned my recent faith adjustment and I figured I’d elaborate.

Some other things God is to me?

blog 30 Who God is

He’s the first day of sunshine after days of rain while I drink my coffee.

blog 31 Who God is

He’s the sound of Livie’s giggles.

blog 32 Who God is

He’s the small voice of comfort to a sick Hannah.

blog 34 Who God isHe’s the comfortable silence as my babies nap.

He’s everything good and happy about life and nothing bad. I have altered my views little by little over the past few years and I am at such a content place with God right now.

It feels so good.

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4 Responses to Who God is

  • Christina:

    Crazy how most of what you learned left you feeling “negative.” I know exactly what you mean. I get that we should have Christ as the standard, but that not only means our walk with Him, it means the love that God has for Christ, He has that for us too.


    Becky Reply:

    Exactly. I think it’s the fundamental baptist way of life. I just can’t handle it anymore!


  • I’ve been thinking about doing a post on God & religion but it’s *complicated*. I think it’s natural to alter your views towards everything as you get older, experience more & have good & bad things happen. God doesn’t want anyone to fear him. I think that was the way they got people to obey church laws was to scare people. God is everywhere & I like where YOU find him. Besides, Jesus would approve of the wine! 😉
    Chrisor recently posted..Crafty? Not so much.


  • lex:

    I love this, Becks.
    lex recently posted..Love for Noah


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