Parenting is hard

Today Hannah came downstairs with her iPad while Face Timing her friend. With a smile on her face, she said “Mom. Madison wants me to spend the night at her house. She wants you to Face Time with her step dad so y’all can meet and I can go over there.”

This is not the first time she’s bombarded me with a sneak attack Face Time moment except the other times it was just to have me say hi to her friends. I was annoyed those times but I let it go. Today I did not.

I told her I was busy and to hang up. Once she did, I lost it. I yelled at her and told her it’s inappropriate to “meet” parents on Face Time and I sure as heck wouldn’t talk to a parent for 2 minutes on Face Time and just let her spend the night. I also reminded her that it’s rude to just surprise me with Face Timing anyone, parent or a friend. I also told her that it’s rude for her friends to put their parents on the spot as well. I ended it with if she ever did it again, I’d take her iPad.

She was mad. I was mad. And it ended with her stomping up the stairs.

If your kids have Face Time, have this discussion before this happens to you and you’re the one sounding like an asshole while I’m sure the other parent is somewhere close by and can hear you say you’re too busy.

I feel like I suck at this mom thing about 32% of the time. It’s definitely a learning journey and Hannah, God bless her, gets to be the one I figure things out with.

Just sayin’.

And now for some happier moments from the past couple weeks. It rained for like a week straight but then for the past week? Sunshine. 70 degree weather. No humidity. It’s been amazing and we have been outside a lot.

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Patio dancing

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You got it dude

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Coffee on said patio

blog 114 Parenting is hard

Foggy drives on country roads

blog 112 Parenting is hard


blog 117 Parenting is hard

Smiles because it’s nice out. And also the only pics I’ve taken on my DSLR in weeks because I suck at New Years goals but also because Instagram is an addicting whore and I take all my pictures on my phone so I can post them there.

May this weekend be filled with smiles and less drama around here.

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4 Responses to Parenting is hard

  • Beth:

    You totally are a great mom! Amen to not ‘meeting’ on Face time. You absolutly did the right thing by saying no to that! I would have reacted the same way! Luckily, all of the friends Claire likes to do sleepovers with are daughters of moms I am actually friends with and know.


  • Lisa:

    I’m with ya, parenting is really hard.

    Your weather looks amazing. I think I need to move down there!


  • Becks, you’re right parenting IS hard. It’s normal to have doubts that you’re doing it right but you are. Your girls are proof that you are. It’s also normal for kids to try to manipulate their parents to get their own way. It’s been happening since the dawn of time, even before the invention of the ipad! 😉 The only way you can react calmly to every single thing they do is if you’re a robot. The fact that you got mad will actually give Hannah pause in the future about doing this again. If you hadn’t gotten mad and just told her not to, she might try it again later to see if it would work then. Kids are constantly testing their boundaries and limits. As long as you have them set up and stick to them MOST of the time (you can be flexible at your discretion), you are doing it right. The fact that you care so much about what type of Mom you are just goes to show what a GREAT Mom you are! Now don’t you just love when people who don’t have kids give advice on parenting?! LOL
    Chrisor (ynotkissme) recently posted..Commiserating on a Monday


    Becky Reply:

    You know what though? for not being a parent you have awesome advice. You don’t have to be a parent to be wise in dealing with other humans. I really appreciate your advice. xo


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