She turned 4

There’s so much to say and then when I go to say it, it just doesn’t sound nearly as perfect as it did in my heart.

So I’ll say this- 4 seems so much older than 3 and even THAT much older than when she was 2. Kids change so much at this age and every year is so different than the last.

We aren’t planning on any more kids so unless God surprises us somehow, this is the last time we’ll have our baby turn 4. It made me sad in a way but happy in others because she’s a healthy, funny, beautiful 4 year old and I am ever so grateful for that.

blog 400 She turned 4She wanted a Brave party this year.

blog 401 She turned 4

blog 403 She turned 4

blog 404 She turned 4

Today I woke her up and told her she’s officially 4 and the first sentence back to me was “Can I pick out a guinea pig at Petsmart now?”

blog 402 She turned 4

My princess is 4.



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