My heart

There’s a saying that goes something like your children are your hearts beating outside of your body.

What a very simple way of saying something so very complex and yet so absolutely true.

I know I’ve been absent from my blog for almost 2 months now. It’s taken me a long time to come to the place I am now regarding social media and blogging…blog/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram when I want and when I don’t? Don’t. It sounds simple and yet it was VERY hard for me to get here because so many of my friendships have been made online. Yes, most of my “online” friendships have been taken offline to meet ups or even vacations together but the fact remained that I wouldn’t have these friends if I hadn’t been online a lot. So, being in the place I’m in now is a huge milestone for me.

I was struck with inspiration to write this post at like 11 pm last night and really, I should have written it then but I waited until today so it’s probably not going to come out as well or as passionately as it would have last night but I’m going to try anyway.

It started much like how I’m sitting now…with a cup of coffee. I made myself coffee late last night after the kids were in bed and The Man was still at work. The TV was on the background but I wasn’t watching it. Instead I was staring across the room at the couch. There were a few toys piled up on it and my usual response would be to make a mental note to nag the kids about it the next day because we have a new rule that the toys have to stay upstairs now. Instead? I smiled. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled at a mess of toys in my 10 years of being a mama.

I smiled.


I had a feeling of relief. It came out of nowhere. For some reason I instantly thought of the grief friends of mine have faced in their loved ones dying way too early in life. I pictured moms and dads who would give anything to stare at a mess of toys just one more time. I thought of kids who weren’t blessed with piles of toys because they live in poverty. I thought of parents who were on their death beds and memorized messes of toys because they knew their time was short on Earth and they wanted to remember every little thing. I’m pretty sentimental and emotional and yet most days these things don’t strike me…especially not randomly at 11 at night.

After I thought of those things I thought of my girls upstairs sleeping. Two perfect, beautiful girls lost in dream land lying side by side in the same bed. I was so overcome with love and appreciation right then. I am so glad that my girls get along so well together. I am so grateful that Hannah, 10 years old and 6 years older than Livie, is so good to her and includes her instead of excludes her. I am so grateful that I have two girls with this incredible bond that will surely last a lifetime. I am so grateful that the dreams I had for my family life have come true in some way or another. I thought of The Man and how his latest text said he would be home soon and how grateful I was that he is so dedicated to us…his girls…his 3 women as he says.

Hannah told me that my sister told her she’s glad she’s having a baby boy in June because she’ll be the only girl in the house still. I could tell she was looking for me to say something wise about that considering that none of us were the only girl in this house. I told her “Well, that’s nice for her and I’m sure a lot of moms say that when they aren’t blessed with daughters because they don’t know what it’s like to have a daughter. And that’s okay. I’ve not been blessed with a son so I don’t know any different but you know what? I’m glad I’m not the only girl in the house. I never wanted to be and never will want to be.” She smiled after that and I smiled too.

The days of painting their nails and Hallmark movie marathons are just beginning. The tender side of The Man I see when he fathers his baby girls is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

God gives us what He wants us to have and He wanted me to have girls just as much as I wanted them.

These girls….

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blog 101 My heart

They are my heart beating outside of my body.

blog 105 My heart

blog 104 My heart

There will still be days of nagging. I will still lose my patience. They will still tell me they’re mad at me and slam their doors. I will still want to run away for a few hours…or days. These girls challenge me and inspire me at the same time.

So the pile of toys that I stared at last night that usually would make me crazy? It’s still there…and I’m still smiling.

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blog 103 My heart

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5 Responses to My heart

  • What a beautiful post. It really doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what you have and appreciate it. You definitely know you’re blessed where your girls are concerned! We all tend to take our lives for granted and get overwhelmed with responsibilities and bills but deep down, the only thing that matters is we are with the ones we love. I have truly missed your blog posts but if it means less stress and more time spent with H & L, then I understand. I love having those kind of moments like you did last night. It happens to all of us just not often enough! :-) It’s a joy seeing your pictures and watching your gorgeous girls growing up!
    Chrisor (ynotkissme) recently posted..Life Goes On


    Becky Reply:

    Thank you Chrisor. As always, you are amazing. xo


  • SusieQ:

    Checking back in here – glad to see you are doing well – and your girls are growing like weeds! Beautiful!!!
    After reading this – I thought, “I wonder if she’s ever seen the Momastery Blog?” I think you’d love it – it’s at – it’s really a great blog for young moms! Although I’m not a mom – I find absolutely flippin love it! Glennon is hilarious – and honest – about motherhood, about life. Check it out!

    I totally get spending too much time on social media! Enjoy those girls – they are only young once!


    Becky Reply:

    I’ve read some stuff on her blog! She’s a great writer and I’m excited she has a book out now! It’s good to see you here :)


  • Morgan:

    Beautiful- I’m so grateful for those angels too!!!!


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